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Installing a window during a Real-Life Renovation Workshop

Become a fan of Real Life Renovations!

There's nothing more rewarding than being able to improve your home with your own hands.

But many capable do-it-yourselfers stop short of tackling larger renovation projects for fear they lack specialized skills and technical knowledge to successfully renovate their spaces. Phoenix Hill Real-Life Renovation Workshops help you to become adept at home improvement and most forms of 'do it yourself' building skills. We bring you together with a professional contractor/educator so you get the individualized training that benefits you the most.

How? By teaching courses in real life settings - actual homes. You don't need previous experience to attend our building classes just an appreciation and desire to learn your own home improvement, DIY skills.


In a Real-Life Renovation Workshop you, along with others like you, are immersed in either a week-long, three day or two day renovation or building project, learning carpentry and contractor techniques while you're working on an existing home or structure. In the span of that time we teach you theory, safety, appropriate tool use, carpentry skills, and more.

There are classes where you can learn framing skills, trim carpentry, old home restoration, installing windows and doors  and everything in between. The longer classes will have a greater theory component and with small classes individualized learning is guaranteed.

These are not controlled classroom exercises, but rather authentic building situations. So if a challenge arises, finding a workable solution simply becomes part of the class. Just like real life. There's no better way to learn and you'll finish with the confidence and training to take on similar projects in your own home. Or perhaps you will host a Real-Life Renovation Workshop at your home and let others learn and work with you.


Sometimes before you build something up, you have to tear something down.
Careful Demolition Precise Measuring

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